Why You Need a Smart Reverse Osmosis System

You likely already know the benefits a reverse osmosis filtration system can bring to your home and family, whether your focus is on protecting your family against potential contaminants; the convenience of always having fresh, filtered water on tap; or the environmental benefits of reducing your reliance on single-serve plastic bottles.

Deciding which system is best for your home and your needs is the next step. Robust filtration capabilities, third-party certification and an expert service partner are all important criteria, but if convenience, control and peace of mind are on your checklist, consider the benefits a smart reverse osmosis system can offer.

  1. Water & Money Savings: The Aquasential Smart RO is the world’s most efficient reverse osmosis system – it’s 3 to 5 times more efficient than other leading ROS. * That means less water usage and lower water bills.
  2. At-A-Glance Peace of Mind: Need to check your water quality? Want to know how long until you need a filter replacement? Just take a look at the convenient electronic faucet display (or the Culligan Connect App).
  3. Smart Protection: Built-In and external leak detection also can protect against water damage from other nearby water-using appliances, sending alerts via the app and sending alerts via the app and shutting off your RO system if a problem is detected.**
  4. Anywhere, Anytime, Insights: Through the Culligan Connect App, you’ll get filter change reminders and see your environmental impact and savings through reduced single-use plastic bottle usage.
  5. On-The-Go Wellness Tracking: Your Smart RO System allows you to set water consumption goals and track progress, plus see updates on contaminant reduction in your water – all in the app.
  6. Proactive, Worry-Free Service: WiFi connectivity enables remote troubleshooting and diagnostics. That means your system can alert your local Culligan Water expert when Service is needed.
  7. The Culligan Difference: When your combine Culligan service and expertise with our easy-to-use smart features, the result is a filtration experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Reverse osmosis filtration is great, but smart RO filtration is even better. With features such as leak detection, contaminant tracking and Wi-Fi connectivity, smart systems help you get even more from your filtration solution. It’s all available with the Aquasential Smart Reverse Osmosis System from Culligan.