7 Reasons Why Reverse Osmosis is the Best Choice for Water Filtration

Protecting your water quality might just be one of the most important things you’ll ever do for your wellness, your family and even the planet. While standard refrigerator, tap and pitcher filters – or even single-serve water bottles – might seem like attractive possibilities, reverse osmosis (RO) filtration is a far more comprehensive option.

Yet not all RO systems are created equal. Here are seven reasons why Culligan’s Aquasential® Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems are the best water filtration choice for your home:

  1. Culligan RO Systems are certified to reduce up to 61 contaminants. That’s 12x more contaminant reduction that the leading standard filtered pitcher. *
  2. Filters in Culligan RO systems last up to two years; the RO membrane lasts up to five yers. Standard pitcher filters are far less efficient in this regard, typically requiring filter changes as often as every two months.
  3. With Culligan RO, you can choose up to seven stages of filtration and 12 filter options. The level of customization cannot be matched by refrigerator, tap and pitcher filters, which typically offer one-size-fits-all filtration.
  4. Culligan Filtration solutions save 15 billion bottles globally from landfills every year. If you use single-serve plastic bottles instead, you contribute to mountains of plastic waste (and your costs are likely to pile up, too).
  5. Smart technology lets you see how much you’re drinking, track contaminant reduction and get filter change alerts. Want to get these questions answered with another filtration option? You’re out of luck: Smart technology isn’t typically offered with pitcher, refrigerator or tap water filters – or even most other RO systems.
  6. Enjoy virtually unlimited filtered water for pennies a glass — no time or transport needed. Other filtered water choices are a hassle: single-serve bottles mean trips to the store and lugging and storing heavy cases; pitchers require frequent refills and waits to fill.
  7. Culligan RO systems provide fresh, filtered water right from your kitchen sink. With other solutions, you can say goodbye to storage space. Pitcher and tap filters take up counter, sink and fridge space. while single-serve bottles fill your pantry or closet.

While pitcher, tap or refrigerator filter might seem attractive at first glance, it’s clear that these solutions just can’t keep up with Culligan RO. Plus, our systems virtually eliminate the need for single-serve plastic bottles — which means you can be kinder to the environment and your wallet.